Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So here are a couple more pages. Im putting up everything im drawing even if I think its crappy or not. The Junos were cool to draw they are always hanging out in front of my house, you have to draw them quickly though! I then tried to put some character personality in the ones at the bottom. I dont know if it worked or not I dont do that kind of stuff often. I've been reading John K's blog for a long while now and his stuff is inpiring. For these particular birds I was looking at Peter De Seve and how and how he puts character into animals. I LOVE that mans work. His sketches are so....scribbly...for lack of a better word yet it looks like it was meant to be there, every scribble has a purpose and looks so god damn cool.
Then for the still life I was planning on it being monochromatic but i changed it, I think the colors go well (the scann is kinda funny the paper wrinkled up because of the water). I kinda like it, its not horrible, possibly my page so far.
I hope to post something every day so tuned!


Blogger Lauren Reeser said...

I love your cherries! Keep up the great work, and get more stuff up, girl! --L

9:38 AM  

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