Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oh ya one more thing....

Horrible lighting, oh well....
You can also see that cool dude on your far left's blog, Mr. Sophorn Sin.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

John K in SF!

Oh man, I just went to the John K screening in SF. It was the highlight of my summer. I've been watching Ren and Stimpy since it first came on TV and to meet the creator was insane. He's a really nice guy and seems to like his fans. We got to see some of his old work, like The Ripping Friends, and some recent like the new Ren and Stimpy's and the Yogi bear that he did (Hilarious!) and some other clips (TOUCH TIPS!!!)...hahaha....seriously a great experience. I wish he would have gone over some more animation talk but he was there entertaining so it's understandable. I think it would be awesome if he could visit San Jose State, He's something we have never had before and is really kind of different from what we do at school. But yaaaa, it was awesome and Ill leave you with this kick- ass drawing he drew for me. ( It was sooo cool to see him just whip out a drawing, very inspiring!)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Slow Drawin'

So I'm not drawing as often as I want. I know I say that all the time but I work a 35 hour a week job, which I know shouldn't be an excuse.
-Onward to what I have done this time. I have the sweetest little Budgie named Petey. It's amazing how much character these animals can with such a small brain capacity. He picks up sounds like a pro, loves fruit (any red or green foods), and plays fetch. My mom found him when he was young I would have never guessed what a joyful pet they are. So the drawing...I found a cool bag I had and painted on it. I originally started with water color pencils, but they werent contrasting enough, so i switched to paint. I also used the color of the bag to help with the last one.
-Penguins penguins, cute, cute. I tried some character design.
-Cars...I went to go see the end of the great race (it will be on the history channel) I didnt get to draw too much cuz of the fam. I tried to concentrate on the perspective part of it. Awesomely hot cars though.
- Ostriges...I had been to the zoo and later night looked through Peter de seves and was inspired. I dont do many character design attempts, I kinda like character design, I'm just are not doing very well at it. eh.
- I practiced some perspective by drawing the church mission thing thats down the street from me.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Drawing up date!

I haven't posted in a while because I've been working and I have family out this week. So I have been busy, busy, but have managed to do some drawing. I realized that I have some major catching up to do still. (But it's not like anyone checks this thing anyway, HA!)....Basically I have just been having fun with some watercolor, ever since I was a kid Ive been fooling around with it and it is probably my favorite paint to mess around with. I have also been doing some hand and foot studied, not long, just quick gestures of what each of them can do, I thought it was kinda fun. I haven't really sat down and studied each extesively really. I think out of this bunch my favorite is the watercolor figures. I was inspired by this artist I came across who does watercolor figures in a similar fashion. His name is Charles Reid if any of you are interested. His other stuff is ok, but I really enjoy his watercolor figures.
But ya this is it for now I should be putting stuff up later. I'm curious to see what other people who got in the program this year are doing for their sketchbooks. I havent seen many people this summer due to being in Marin. Oh well...I guess I'm just really courious to where I stand up against all of them with this sketchbook and if Im on the right track. I like trying new things, and John really liked my 112a sketchbook for that fact, but at the same time I haven't really found something "that I'm good at" I hope you like the stuff....