Monday, October 30, 2006

figure drawings!

So I havent posted any figure drawing since Sheldons school in LA over the summer. But we are starting figure drawing assignments in Animation, done with the animals ( Im sick of goats/ sheep). So heres what I have so far 35 due on thursday. These are more or less the better ones of the semester so far from SHM figure drawing sessions. I dont know if I should post them to ACME or not they might not be as "finished" as they want to see em'. Any one know? Oh ya I also threw in a drawing a micah that I did when Im at a horrible angle to the naked person. So I draw people around the room, he's the only one who kinda came out.
Any way here they are for what they are. Hope you like em' and can hate them to give me a crit. :)
Have a good week!


Blogger coffman said...

your gestures are looking good... i'd say yes to posting some of your best ones on acme, you could easily make 2 pages out of them. and finished, animators could care less about a finished drawing.

5:11 PM  

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