Friday, December 29, 2006

Tide Pool

So heres my tide pool. This was before I turned it in for a final grade, so its even more finished than you see it here and it is still not quite finished (not the greatest picture of it). But my plan is to finish it over the break. Our morning class was made up entirely of people who got into the program, the afternoon class was people who had not. Our class was the first class where all of the people finished and got a grade, about only 6-8 got grades in the afternoon class. Bunny (Prof.) said it was a first. Anyway I'll take a picture of the more finished one soon.

Story Boards!

So here are the story boards from my final film this past sem. I didnt really agree with doing a whole film (30 secs max). As a beginner I think the experience of going through the producion is valueable, but I dont have the know how for acting, all we were doing were drop tests before this. But, all in all I can't complain it was a great experience and I learned tons from it. My story telling is not that strong as of yet, I guess I dont have a big enough pay off. Still fun though. Courtney (Prof.) didn't really like it from the beginning, Dave Chai was "eh, good enough" and by my surprise Bunny really liked it. More so the acting of my characters. I was really surprised. She wants to see them in anouther short. Go figure. Any way I'm going to figure out how to put the film up on youtube but for now just story boards. Have fun!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


This is day in one image (while in school, of course)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Well I got a Wacom Tablet for Christmas, Im so excited! I can start practicing painting more without the mess. I did this little quick sketch, had to be fast (looks like a mess if its any bigger!), I have family over. I hope you all had a great christmas!

P.S. Sorry I havent up dated in a really long time! I'm now done with finals and should be posting stuff up that I have done...Hopefully my animations (the good ones) and my tide pool for all of you to see. Coming Soon!