Friday, December 29, 2006

Story Boards!

So here are the story boards from my final film this past sem. I didnt really agree with doing a whole film (30 secs max). As a beginner I think the experience of going through the producion is valueable, but I dont have the know how for acting, all we were doing were drop tests before this. But, all in all I can't complain it was a great experience and I learned tons from it. My story telling is not that strong as of yet, I guess I dont have a big enough pay off. Still fun though. Courtney (Prof.) didn't really like it from the beginning, Dave Chai was "eh, good enough" and by my surprise Bunny really liked it. More so the acting of my characters. I was really surprised. She wants to see them in anouther short. Go figure. Any way I'm going to figure out how to put the film up on youtube but for now just story boards. Have fun!


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cute stuff Candace.

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