Friday, December 21, 2007

Semester is over!

Well the semester is finally over and I have time to upload all of my animations.... tears, sweat and blood. All of it still needs work! ALL OF IT! (They play choppy on youtube.)

Bath tub gal: The assignment was that a bomb drops into the room, then your character has to react to it and drop it through the hole in the floor. I didn't get to finish it. These are basically keys and breakdowns, which still need work, there are still a few problems.

Stairs: The assignment was to have a character fall down the stairs.

Pick up test: This was the first test of the semester. Have a character pick up an object. This was hard. All the people in my class has to separately write down a character, an object, and how they got rid of it. So I got a babysitter who picks up a pile of wood and drops it out side of the door.

Emotion change: A character needed to show a change of emotion.

MAYA: It took me so long to do such an uncomplicated, short part. What I wanted to do, the acting was all in my head. Maya, oh maya.....the most pain in the butt program ever, it drove me insane! All of it was learning how to animate in maya, and I'm still not even close, even thought the animation turned out okay. I have a better handle on it than I ever have and have come a long way, but I need more experience. And a huge thanks to Scott Lafluer for helping me out so much! As well as everyone else in my maya class for all of their help too!

I learned a lot this semester...hopefully next semester will be just as productive. I'll be taking flash with Kris, who does the flash work at ghostbot, so I'm excited for that! Vis Dev class, as well as working on animation for a film.

Happy Holidays!


Blogger Saul Ruiz said...

Good job Candace... i really liked the cg shot on the btr short. It came out really nice. Dang... you did a lot of work! Congrats on wrapping up the semester. Enjoy the break!

4:47 AM  
Blogger Chris Palmer said...

Your CG shot was one of the very memorable ones on the Breaking the Rig film. You guys and gals did a fantastic job on it. Great timing.

10:30 AM  

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