Saturday, August 02, 2008

Chris Sanders!

Image copyright of Chris Sanders, not me!

So I went to Comic-Con Last week and let me tell you it was nuts! Way over whelming! None the less it was pretty cool to be surrounded by that many super talented people!....makes me realize (again) how much more work I have to do! I got to see tons of cool booths and a few neat-o least the ones that didn't have crazy loooooong lines.
I would say the coolest things I got to do was see Chris Sanders and talk to Donnachada Daly! It was cool to get to talk to a pro who's taken a gander at my work over on ACME face to face, mono-e- mono! I also bought their books, very exciting!
Anyway, I took a sketch of American Dog that been floating around the internet and cleaned him up in flash! Yep, it's 1:45am and I'm that bored! I left it small because I don't wanna get in trouble!



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